State-of-the-Art Beverage Gas Infusion

Passionate, forward-thinking creators of tailored beverage systems that revolutionize global experiences. Efficient, economic, user-friendly, and safe.

plug and play dispensing system

Plug & Play

Easy set-up, low maintenance, no muss - no fuss
Plug & Play

Easy set-up, low maintenance, no muss – no fuss.

Rotarex Solutions beverage systems are very easy to install and require very little maintenance.

You will be able to start serving drinks directly after installation.

nitrogen cocktails and drinks
Pre-set and customised CO2, N2, and mixed gas infusions

Whether you want sparkling or Nitrogen-infused drinks, Rotarex Solutions has the perfect match for you. All beverages are providing the same taste and experience pour after pour thanks to our inline gas infusion technology

ultra compact dispensing systems
Compact and bespoke designs, suitable for both home use, corporate and hospitality operations

Ultra compact, all our systems are designed to take up as little space as possible. Each system will fit perfectly whatever the use, home, office, bar, restaurant or any other place.

environmentally friendly
Simply Greener
CO2 footprint reduction, keeping it Green
Simply Greener

No need to buy disposable plastic bottles anymore, thanks to Rotarex Solutions machines you can drink sparkling water without worrying about your ecological impact.


Game-changing drink experiences with a textural, taste and visual appeal

Create your very own tasty Beverage Mix

Whatever your Fancy - Whatever your Need! No matter which drink you are thinking of, our solutions help you create your desired beverage by infusing the right gas to get that incredible mouthfeel and taste.

Thirsty yet? Enjoy and serve any drink you desire. Sparkling and O2 Water, Nitro Cocktails, Nitro Post Mix, Coldbrew and Nitro Coffee, Oxygen drinks, Nitro Beer, Nitro Sparkling Wine, Nitro Tea, and many more...
Create your very own tasty beverage mix
Our Solutions
We develop and deliver innovative beverage applications that meet the complex infrastructure requirements and consumer demands.

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