A rush of excitement flowing through your body

Fuelling your body with energy, cold brew teas will keep you going, energize your soul and rejuvenate your spirit.

A comforting escape

The silky smooth texture of nitro foam gives your soul a feeling of comfort, enveloping you in a warm embrace. Reminding you to slow down and savor the simple pleasures, the soft velvety feel on your lips is a moment of pure bliss.

Explore the world

The spirit of exploration

A burst of adventure with each sip. Discover the unlimited teas all around the world, creating unique memories and filling you with a rush of emotions.

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Tea Icon

Enjoy refreshing cold nitro tea with the creamiest foam!

Rotarex Solutions Nitro systems offer a large amount of nitrogen infused into your favorite beverages. The addition of nitrogen creates a delicious, creamy froth of tiny nitrogen bubbles.