Exploring the world of sparkling wine!

Whether it is white, rosé or red, stimulate your taste buds with sparkling wine. The sound of cheering glasses brings with it a desire to celebrate with friends.

Make it a delicious taste experience!

It doesn't matter if you are a wine lover or only discovering the world of wine now, you should definitely know that sparkling wine can be very sweet and mild.


Forever memorable drink experience

Various factors determine the intensity of wine. Each region, each technique and each grape have their own unique flavor. No matter if you prefer it sweet, bitter, floral or earthy, wines give you unlimited possibilities to discover your own style.

A complete range of CO2 & Nitrogen systems

Whether you want to drink nitrogen-infused wine or sparkling wine, Rotarex Solutions has the perfect system to meet your needs. We're the first to carbonate standard wine and transform it into a memorable fizzy experience.

Ideal for your bar or restaurant, our systems adapt to your desires. Do you want a system on the counter or rather a discreet machine to put under the counter? Rotarex Solutions offers different systems!

'Please drink responsibly. Alcohol may be harmful to health and its consumption is restricted to adults in many countries


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