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BubbleBox AQUA

The BubbleBox AQUA is a professional tabletop water carbonation system equipped with the latest BubbleBox technology to achieve the highest level of carbonation possible to serve fresh chilled sparkling water on demand.

  • Low to high carbonation
  • Chilled sparkling or plain water on demand
  • Fill your big water bottle up to 1L in one pour
  • Minimum energy usage - modern compressor cooling technology
  • Highest level of cleanliness and hygiene - no water storage tank
  • Customizable designs
  • Eco-friendly - no plastic waste and use of R290 refrigerant gas
  • Compatible with small 425g CO2 cylinders

BubbleBox AQUA
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Fresh finely pearled bubbles

Chilled Fizz on Demand

Whether you wish to enjoy chilled sparkling water at home, at the office, restaurant, cafe or factory, the BubbleBox AQUA is the perfect refreshment solution for you.


The CO2 refillable cylinder can deliver up to 60 liters of sparkling water and is available in most supermarkets.Once empty, this cylinder can easily be replaced by a new one.
One unit for all tastes
Say no to plastic

No more need for plastic

Save the environment and money!
With the Rotarex Solutions AQUA system, you no longer need to carry heavy packs of sparkling water bottles, just fill your reusable bottle or glass.
Frame Dimensions (WxDxH)250x300x500 mm
Net Weight21 kg
Temperature DifferenceΔt (°C) 10
MaterialStainless Steel, Plastic, EPDM
Cooling Performance25L/h
Voltage220V & 110V
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    Last update: Jul 13, 2023
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