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The Nitro Package

A smoother texture, a better taste and a mesmerizing cascade effect. These are all advantages of nitrogenation and thanks to our Nitro package, you can nitrogenate any drink. We developed this to make it as easy as possible to install, in any bar! Get yours now and offer an unforgettable taste experience to your customers.

  • High N2 content for long lasting cascade effects on demand
  • N2 Enhances Flavor and Texture Calorie-Free
  • Ultra-compact design
  • Eco-Friendly: Works with Bag-In-Box and Keg
  • Includes: 2 nitro infusion systems, cooler, 2 pumps, dispensing tower and gas .

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a wide range of nitro drinks

You no longer need to choose between your two favorite Nitro beverages or multiply several machines, with the Nitro Package consisting of two Nitro Pro and two taps, you can serve two different nitrogen-infused drinks. Whether Nitro cocktails, Nitro coffee or even Nitro tea, this package gives you infinite freedom.

everything you need in this package

The Rotarex Solutions Nitro Package includes everything you need to start serving Nitro drinks like coffee or cocktails in your bar! In just a few quick steps, you'll already be serving perfect drinks. And this invisible under-counter system with a single 2-tap tower saves space on your bar!

a visual experience

Surprise your customers with the beautiful waterfall effect created by Nitrogen infusion. The Nitro package contains 2 systems that perfectly dose the level of infused gas for the perfect visual experience.

Customized use

This nitro kit gives you great flexibility, as you can choose to use nitrogen cylinders or connect the system directly to an air compressor. It works perfectly with bag-in-boxes or kegs, ensuring consistency between all drinks served, as well as good beverage preservation. The recirculating cooler lets you pour each beverage at the right temperature, one after the other, right down to sub-zero temperatures.
BubbleBox Nitro Infusion Systems Video
BUBBLEBOX Nitro Package
Cooler dimension282 x 453 x 465
Cooler weight25 kg
Cooler voltage230 V
Cooler beverage in/out 2x 3/8" ED
Cooler recriculation in/out3/8" ED
Tower recirculation line2x 3/8’’
Tower beverage lines2x 3/16’’
Nitropro compressed air inlet 5/16’’ JG push fit
Pump compressed air inlet3/8’’ JG push fit
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    Nitro Package
    Last update: Apr 10, 2024
    Available in: en
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