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The Bubbly

The first technology to make any sparkling beverage on tap!
Our inline carbonation technology offers an easy and accessible way of serving new homemade or well-known beverages, while making your favourite drinks taste great in a record time. Rotarex technology is your ideal partner to serve tasty drinks on tap.

  • Adjustable level of carbonation, up to 2,75 volumes of CO2- unlimited capacity

  • Highest level of cleanliness and hygiene

  • Compatible with any CO2 cylinders around the world

  • Plug and play system, easy to install and service. Just connect it to a cold-water source and a tap

  • On-demand carbonation, no waiting time

BubbleBox Bubbly
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BubbleBox Bubbly Tap BubbleBox Bubbly
All the drinks you want

Carbonate all the drinks you want

Discover the very first carbonated drinks dispenser from Rotarex Solutions, the Bubbly. Featuring the latest inline carbonation technology, the Bubbly is your ideal ally for serving carbonated drinks such as wine, pre-mix, tea, juice, ready-to-drink beverages and other cocktails on demand.

Plug and Play system

Our Bubbly beverage dispensing countertop system is easy to install in just a few steps, and requires very little maintenance. Simply connect it to a cold water source and a faucet, and you're ready to serve fizzy drinks! This dispensing system is compatible with both kegs and bag-in-boxes.
Easy to install dispenser
Sparkling drinks from tap

The best helper

You can get that serves up to 6 perfectly identical cocktails in one minute. Everyone can now serve carbonated drinks thanks to our easy-to-use technology. Simply press the tap and the magic happens! Thanks to optimal foam control, you can serve your drink into the glass in one go.

Your ideal partner for delicious drinks

Adjust the carbonation level to suit your drink and your taste!
Thanks to its precise control of the carbonation level, the Bubbly always delivers a drink with exceptional carbonation quality and fine, tasty bubbles.
You can also set the digital thermostat to any temperature between -3°c and +8°C.
Carbonated drinks on demand
BubbleBox Bubbly
Frame Dimensions (WxDxH)480 x 195 x 550
Net Weight17,5 kg
Cooling Performance30L/h
Refrigerant gas R290
Voltage220V & 110V
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    BubbleBox Bubbly Datasheet
    Last update: Apr 09, 2024
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