Every moment has its own drink

There is a sparkling cocktail for any occasion. Whether you like it classy or colorful, punchy or soft, choosing the right drink for your evening is the most important part

Moments are there, to be shared with friends

And so are Carbonated and Nitro Cocktails. Just like the unlimited stories you have to tell after a night out, you have an unlimited choice of cocktails, which everyone can enjoy!


You eat with your eyes first

The visually pleasant cascade effect will make every drink look delicious. Then, surprise your taste buds with a sweetened drink, without adding any sugar. The magic of Nitro Infusion!


Whether you want a countertop or undercounter system, a single or multi-tap machine, Rotarex Solutions has the perfect machine to meet all your needs.
Discover now our BubbleBox range.

'Please drink responsibly. Alcohol may be harmful to health and its consumption is restricted to adults in many countries

'Sugary drinks should be enjoyed in moderation as part of a balanced diet to maintain a healthy lifestyle


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