Quenshing thirst while relaxing

The perfect drink on a hot summer day! Whether you prefer a light lager or a hoppy IPA, a well-poured beer will instantly transport you in a state of pure refreshment.

Friendship, fun & adventure

Dance into the sunrise with your friends and let the bad times roll. Live new unique moments and create unforgetable memories.


Lives the best moments with your friends

A time-honored tradition that brings people together for good times and great conversation. No matter where you are, sharing a beer with friends adds a fun and social element to any occasion.

A beer for any occasion

Rotarex Solutions Nitro systems provide a large quantity of nitrogen infused into your favorite drinks. The injection of nitrogen creates a smooth, creamy foam of tiny nitrogen bubbles.
We also have the solution for controlling CO2 with our piston regulators, which inject a precise level of gas.
Perfect for a bar or a restaurant, the nitrogen systems of Rotarex Solutions adapt to your needs and your requirements.

'Please drink responsibly. Alcohol may be harmful to health and its consumption is restricted to adults in many countries


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