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BubbleBox MixMaster

Introducing BubbleBox MixMaster, the ultimate in versatile beverage dispensing, perfect for all drink types. Whether mixing with CO2, nitrogen, or still water, BubbleBox MixMaster lets you cater to any taste with options from Nitro Coffee to Lemonades and Energy Drinks.

  • Creation of delicious sparkling and N2 beverages
  • Elegant design, fully customizable to fit any styles
  • Eco-friendly - compatible with concentrate (with different ratio)
  • Customizable configuration with 2, 3 or 4 à la carte drinks, optional front display
  • Easy & hassle-free installation
  • Integrated cooler

BubbleBox MixMaster
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MixMaster dispensing system
Nitro coffee, nitro cocktails, nitro tea... Nitro any drink you wish

Enhanced beverage experience

Dynamic Displays: Enjoy up to one minute of stunning cascade effects designed for nitro drinks, delivering a consistent “wow effect.”
Consistency: Uniform taste and visual quality with advanced inline gas infusion technology.

Efficiency & customization

Plug-and-Play: Easily connect your bag-in-box, attach gas and power, and start serving.
Customization: Adapt front panel branding, beverage selection, and number of taps to suit any location with BubbleBox MixMaster.
Nitrogen Cylinder for Nitro Infusion Systems


Give your customers a new experience with a unique new nitrogen-infused drink. Enjoy up to 2 minutes of the superb waterfall effect that will produce a 'waw effect'.

Operational benefits

Logistics: Save space and time by minimizing bulky equipment and storage. Keep your concentrates cool with a bag-in-box cold cabinet.
Ease of Use: Simple operation without the need for trained staff.
Say no to plastic
Cooling Performance355ml = 2 cups / minute
Dispensing temperature3-7°C
Weight35 kg
Refrigerant gas R290
Frame Dimensions (WxDxH)810x630x385 mm
Voltage220 & 110 V
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    BUBBLEBOX MixMaster
    Last update: May 08, 2024
    Available in: en
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