So refreshing!

What's better than cool water on a sunny day? Sparkling cool water! Sparkling water is indeed more refreshing than still water, thanks to the CO2 it contains.

Ideal for athletes

Carbonated water reduces muscular fatigue and helps recovery, so it is beneficial before and after sports. Are you going for a session? Don't forget to fill your bottle with sparkling water before!

Ideal for athletes

No more plastic!

Tired of carrying heavy water packs? We have the solution! Just fill your glass or your bottle with fresh sparkling water and reduce the usage of plastic bottles.

Sparkling water Icon
Sparkling water Icon

Sparkling water for all!

Directly from tap or through a system with lever, Rotarex Solutions has different systems for your home, office, or restaurant.
Our system respects the highest levels of cleanliness and hygiene because there is no need to store water.