The Bubble Tower

Become a genius on your new projects with the magical Bubble Tower, no more need for carbonation and nitro equipment. It’s that simple!

  • Creation of CO2, N2 or mix gas beverages (coffee, tea, IPA beer, cocktails, sparkling wine, sparkling water etc.)
  • Possibility to serve two different drinks simultaneously
  • Ultra-compact design
  • Eco-friendly - compatible with Bag-In-Boxes, and kegs
  • Compatible with any gas cylinder on the market, compressor and N2 or small CO2 bottles
  • Fully customizable, different tower designs available for single or dual taps
  • Plug & Play system: easy & hassle-free installation

The Bubble Tower
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BubbleBox Tower compact design

Ultra-compact design

BubbleBox gas infusion technology is built right into the tower! There's no need for a dedicated space to install the machines - the tower does all the magic, dramatically reducing the space required.

2 taps for twice the fun

Thanks to its dual tap system, the Bubble Tower lets you serve two different drinks at the same time. Whether you prefer nitrogen-infused cocktails, sparkling wine or a chilled fizzy drink, Rotarex Solutions has the perfect solution for you!
Bubble tower 2 taps
A customizable magical tower

A customizable magical tower

Our innovative Bubble Tower system by Rotarex Solutions, with its completely customizable design, will fit in perfectly with all types of bars and restaurants. Whether it's a cozy, intimate bistro or a trendy, high-end nightclub, the Bubble Tower system can be tailored to your specific needs.

Elevating Your Beverage Experience

Achieve the perfect level of gas infusion thanks to our inline technology and its optimal placement in the tower. Whether with CO2 or nitrogen, every beverage will be served with the same precision to satisfy your taste buds. This tower is all you need to carbonate or nitrogenize a beverage and dispense it.
Bubblebox tower inline technology
Frame Dimensions (WxDxH)400 x 200 x 200
Tower fixationThrough bar
Gas inlet2 x Ø4mm
Inlet beverage2 lines: Ø5/16"
Recirculation lines2 lines: Ø3/8"
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    Bubble Tower
    Last update: Apr 09, 2024
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