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Discover the newest inline and on-demand Nitro dispenser, giving the longest cascade effects and highest N2 content in the market. Create exciting nitrogen-infused drinks such as beer, tea, coffee and cocktails from RTD or concentrate (highest quality cream on the market).

  • Creation of delicious N2 beverages (coffee, tea, beer, cocktails, etc.)
  • Elegant and compact design, fully customizable to fit any styles
  • Eco-friendly - compatible with ready to drink, bag in box or concentrate (with different ratio)
  • Compatible with external gas source or integrated air compressor
  • Easy & hassle-free installation
  • Integrated cooler

Product Gallery
BubbleBox Coldfusion DUO
Nitro coffee, nitro cocktails, nitro tea... Nitro any drink you wish

2 taps for double the fun

This double tap dispenser is perfect for serving the same beverage still or nitrogenated at the same time.
Whether they like nitrogen or not, the Coldfusion Duo satisfies your customers.

Only sky is the limit

The newest addition to the BubbleBox systems offering unlimited possibilites for serving beverages!
No matter the beverage and the recipient, this system has got you covered. Ready to drink (RTD), bag in box (BIB) or contentrate, the Coldfusion Duo will guarantee consistent results on each pour.
Nitrogen Cylinder for Nitro Infusion Systems


Give your customers a new experience with a unique new nitrogen-infused drink. Enjoy up to 2 minutes of the superb waterfall effect that will produce a 'waw effect'.

The perfect plug & play unit

Achieving a mixing ratio anywhere from 1:4 to 1:30, this unit is compatible with any concentrate. Use the integrated air generator or an external gas cylinder to enhance your drinks with nitrogen. Once set up correctly it will give you consistent result pour after pour.
Say no to plastic
BubbleBox Nitro Infusion Systems Video
Cooling Performance25L/h Δ10
Frame Dimensions (WxDxH)450 X 200 X 600 mm
Net Weight17,5 kg
Refrigerant gas R290
Voltage220V & 110V
  • Download
    BubbleBox COLDFUSION DUO flyer
    Last update: Jul 13, 2023
    Available in: en
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