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The perfect addition to your cafe, bar or restaurant. Discover the professional tabletop dispenser allows you to create exciting nitrogen-infused drinks

  • Creation of delicious N2 beverages (coffee, tea, beer, cocktails, etc.)
  • N2 provides sweetness and texture without adding calories (highest quality cream on the market)
  • Integrated cooler
  • Elegant and compact design
  • Eco-friendly - compatible with Bag-In-Box, and keg
  • Customizable designs
  • Easy & hassle-free installation

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Nitro coffee, nitro cocktails, nitro tea... Nitro any drink you wish
Nitro Cold Brew Booster
This Nitro machine has an in-built instant cooling, pour after pour. Fully customizable, it is ideal for home-made and craft brews.
  • Nitrogen is ideal for beverages such as coffee, cocktails, tee, post mix drinks or beer. This small refillable 0,5L cylinder can produce up to 200L of nitro-infused drinks. It is 200 bar including a food grade quality of nitrogen.
Nitrogen Cylinder for Nitro Infusion Systems
Entice and surprise your customers with the stunning waterfall or so-called cascade effect coming from the nitrogen bubbles rising in the glass.

With the proper infusion of gas and use of glassware this mesmerizing visual effect can last up to 2 minutes.
What an irresistible pleasure.
Say no to plastic
  • Save time, costs and environment! No need to carry around big, heavy packs of plastic bottles anymore.
  • Just fill up your bottle or glass, enjoy tasty nitro-infused drinks and save on space and plastic waste.
Say no to plastic
BubbleBox Nitro Infusion Systems Video
Frame Dimensions (WxDxH)178x450x580 mm
Net Weight16,6 kg
Watt317W / 1,4A
Voltage220-240V 50HZ~1
Performance1,4 l/min
MaterialPlastic, Brass
Cooling Performance25L/h Δ10
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    BubbleBox COLDFUSION Flyer
    Last update: Feb 16, 2022
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    BubbleBox NITRO Coffee Brochure
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    BubbleBox NITRO Cocktails Brochure
    Last update: Feb 16, 2022
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