A large variety of drinks

Rotarex Solutions provides you a complete beverage system that infuses nitrogen to create unique nitro drinks that will surprise your customers.

Let yourself be tempted by a full range of Nitro Cocktails, Nitro Coffee, Nitro Tea and many more!

A mesmerizing cascade effect

Nitrogen generates a wonderful visual cascade that captures the attention and stays in the consumers' memory.

The hypnotic and cascading bubbles produced by nitro elevate an ordinary drink’s appearance, making it visually appealing.

The creamy foam
The infusion of nitrogen creates a beautiful, luscious, velvety foam. The bright, frothy crown plays a crucial role in the irresistible charm of nitro drinks.

Unlike traditional drinks that use egg whites or milk to achieve a foamy layer, these options exclude vegans and vegetarians. By offering alternatives, it is possible to offer an inclusive drink selection for cocktail and coffee lovers.


  • Countertop system
  • Integrated cooler
  • 2 taps system


  • Countertop system
  • Integrated cooler


  • Undercounter system


  • Undercounter system

N2 Valves
Standard CO2/N2

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