Oct 13, 2023
Stylish, performant, customizable – The new BubbleBox Fizzy is a game-changer for water carbonation
Lintgen, Luxembourg - 13 October 2023 – Rotarex Solutions has extended its countertop systems range with the newly developed BubbleBox Fizzy, able to serve chilled sparkling water, chilled still water and ambient still water on demand.
Stylish, performant, customizable – The new BubbleBox Fizzy is a game-changer for water carbonation

Get ready for the extra fizz! Are you looking for a fresh glass of sparkling water to cool down or do you simply want to add a little extra to your cocktail, mocktail or juice? As one of the healthiest alternatives to sugary sodas, sparkling water has become inevitable on every table. But there is more to it! Not every bubble is the same, so why would you settle for less if you can get the best?

Equipped with our newly developed inline carbonator, the BubbleBox Fizzy delivers the best chilled sparkling water you can get. The finest bubbles enhance the taste of your water, leaving you stunned by the quality of what is coming out of the Fizzys tap. Its sleek design is the perfect addition to your home or businesses like restaurants, hotels, bars and many more. Forget about the regular carbonation systems gives you unlimited inline carbonated water on demand, whenever you need it. We have put an end to the times where you can only carbonate one liter at a time.


The source of CO2 can either be one of our (or any) conventional 425-gram bottle, found in every supermarket, or a larger cylinder but no matter which one you are choosing, the correct regulator can be found in our portfolio, to make sure that it’s working in perfect harmony with our BubbleBox Fizzy and delivers the best results.

High carbonation is achieved through the integrated pump and cooler. Up to 1L of fresh water at a time and 30L per hour can be served with this system with a guaranteed minimum of at least 6 grams of CO2 per liter.

Eco-friendly through the coolers R290 refrigerant gas but not only. Never buy any pre-filled plastic or glass bottles ever again because you can refill yours with this system repeatedly, unlimited times.

Plug and play and set up in 10 minutes, made possible by its design. All you need to do is to find the nicest spot for it, connect the water and gas source, adjust the temperature setting which suits your needs and you are ready to pour fresh sparkling water on demand.

Three illuminated buttons will leave you the choice from chilled sparkling, chilled still or ambient still water on demand. It is as simple as it gets.

Fully customizable design and branding on request to make sure that it perfectly fits into any location and represents you and your home or bar in the best way. Make it suit your style by adding your personal touch to the design! Make it stand out or make it fit into the scenery, it is your choice!


Caught your interest? Want to be an owner of your stylish carbonation water system or simply want to know more? Check out our dedicated product page or contact our experts by writing to us on solutions@rotarex.com !


About Rotarex Solutions

Rotarex Solutions, part of Rotarex S.A., has become a major actor in the beverage industry. Committed to constant innovation quality and service, we help beverage manufacturers boost their product quality through sustainable growth. The famous BubbleBox and the patented inline carbonator were the breakthrough for a completely new style of beverage gas infusion, leading to a whole new range of valves, regulators and accessories. They have already helped many bars, restaurants, and homes by enhancing the drinking experience of their customers thanks to the cutting-edge technology used throughout the development process.


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