Jun 12, 2024

Sparkling Innovation: The Compact, High-Effervescence Undercounter BubbleBox Slim Solution

Lintgen, Luxembourg, 12 June 2024 – www.rotarexsolutions.com – Rotarex Solutions is proud to officially launch its BubbleBox Slim, the new compact yet highly-efficient undercounter solution for domestic use. With its integrated cooler, the Bubblebox Slim provides a high carbonation level bringing more sparkle to your at-home drinks than ever before.

What truly sets this undercounter beverage system apart is its combination of flat design with uncompromised functionality. The new Bubblebox Slim system demonstrates that it is possible to have it all: a compact, unobtrusive design that fits seamlessly under any domestic sink, without sacrificing the luxury of a built-in cooler.


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Why choose BubbleBox Slim from Rotarex Solutions?


  • Discreet design: Not only discreet by its size, the new space-saving system is also silent in use;
  • Inline technology: Never run out of sparkling water! Fill your 1-liter carafe in one go and savor unmatched quality.
  • Integrated inline dry cooler: The temperature can be adjusted to your taste for ideal chilled still and chilled sparkling drinks;
  • High effervescence: Bubblebox Slim provides high carbonation level up to 6g/L thanks to its built-in cooler;
  • Superior cooling capacity: It consistently provides 500ml of chilled water, with a quick recovery time of under 10 minutes.
  • Extremely easy to install: Ready-to-use, plug&play solution, up and running in 10 minutes only!
  • Customizable design: Available both on horizontal and vertical design to fit any kitchen design;
  • Eco friendly: The system requires minimum energy usage. Plus, you say no to plastic bottles and enjoy bubbly delights directly from the tap.
  • Suitable with any CO2 cylinders: Easily interchange CO2 bottles with seamless regulator connection. Enjoy up to 60L of sparkling water from a single cylinder.
  • Hygienic and safe products: Rotarex Solutions offers products that meet sanitary standards with suitable materials to ensure hygiene and safety.


Ready to convert tap water into delicious, refreshing sparkling water? Do not wait any longer to connect with our experts: solutions@rotarex.com !


About Rotarex Solutions

Rotarex Solutions is the youngest Business Unit out of 8 owned by Rotarex, our parent company. A century old, the Rotarex Group is best known for being a world leading manufacturer of gas control equipment and applications since 1922.

With the inexhaustible drive of an expert R&D team, Rotarex Solutions counts as one of the pioneers for innovative beverage technologies, offering turnkey beverage systems, quality valves, flawless pressure reducers and a wide range of accessories.