Feb 10, 2023
Guaranteed flexibility with the new BubbleBox Coldfusion Duo unit by Rotarex Solutions
Lintgen, Luxembourg 10 February 2023 – www.rotarexsolutions.com – Rotarex Solutions announced today its newly-developed BubbleBox Coldfusion Duo dispenser is available for pre-order. The new versatile dual tap unit makes it easy to serve both nitro and non-nitro beverages out of one container filled with either ready-to-drink or concentrate mixed with water at any ratio.
Guaranteed flexibility with the new BubbleBox Coldfusion Duo unit by Rotarex Solutions

Yay or nay to nitro drinks? Whether you love it or hate it you cannot ignore the new trend of nitro-infused beverages. Nitrogenated drinks have been in vogue for a couple of years now. What makes nitro infusion so popular is that it adds creaminess to any drink, giving it a smoother texture with a dense head of micro foam on top. Plus, the mesmerising cascade effect, caused by the lighter nitrogen bubbles rushing to the top of the glass, is what can hook customers.

If you are willing to stay on top of the industry’s latest trends, the BubbleBox Coldfusion Duo dispensing equipment provides you with great flexibility. Suitable for your café, bar, hospitality, or restaurant needs, the BubbleBox Coldfusion Duo dispensing equipment covers multiple beverage formats including coffee, cocktails, beers, teas, etc. Each tap has its specific function on demand: one dispenses the liquid in its current form while the other one transforms it into a nitro-infused beverage leaving the choice to the consumer.

Why choose BubbleBox Coldfusion Duo from Rotarex Solutions?

  • Dual tap design. You can achieve both nitrogenated and still pours glass after glass. Easy to use and operate no adjustments are required to switch from consistent still to nitrogenated drink.
  • Long-lasting cascade effect. Rotarex inline mixing technology can sustain an eye-catching cascade over 1 minute to impress consumers for a longer time.
  • Adjustable amount of nitrogen. You can customize the perfect amount of nitrogen in your beverage according to your taste.
  • Thick nitro foam head, outperforming other technologies on the market. The patented BubbleBox technology creates high quality, durable foam lasting several minutes! 
  • Compatible with external nitrogen gas cylinder or integrated air generator. You decide whether you source the nitrogen from the bottle or from the surrounding air.
  • Can be connected to different container systems. Our dispenser is compatible with Bag-In-Box and Kegs. No matter if you want to connect it to Ready-to-Drink (RTD) or concentrate mixed with water, you can adjust the ratio from 1:4 to 1:30.
  • Customizable handles, stickers, front plate and machine cover. We offer you the possibility to promote your brand and adapt the dispenser to your style.
  • Narrow footprint. This way, you can conserve counter space that you would probably prefer to keep for customers who want to have a drink sitting at the counter.
  • Plug & play system. BubbleBox Coldfusion Duo is ready-to-use in just a few minutes. Connect your beverage, turn on the unit, wait 10 minutes, open the tap, and enjoy!
  • Constant results. Designed to perfection, the BubbleBox systems are the perfect helper in any establishment. Outperforming any bartender, they guarantee steady results while serving drinks at the blink of an eye.


Interested? If you want to introduce new experiences to your customers, do not wait any longer to connect with our experts: solutions@rotarex.com !


About Rotarex Solutions

Rotarex Solutions is the youngest and fastest-growing Business Unit out of 8 owned by Rotarex, our parent company. A century old, the Rotarex Group is best known for being a world leading manufacturer of gas control equipment and applications since 1922.

With the inexhaustible drive of an expert R&D team, Rotarex Solutions counts as one of the pioneers for innovative beverage technologies, offering turnkey beverage systems, quality valves, flawless pressure reducers and a wide range of accessories. Visit our website to learn more about our  ‘sensational’ product range : https://rotarexsolutions.com/

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