Apr 09, 2021
Nitro Mania by Rotarex Solutions
In a consumer-driven and fast-paced world, things come and go in a blink of an eye. We constantly want to be ‘wowed’ and are on the lookout for the ‘new’. Decades after Guinness the Irish beer giant started putting nitrogen into beverages, this very idea is taking the HoReCa industry by storm as we speak. What started as a trend is turning into a keeper.
Nitro Mania by Rotarex Solutions

New Age Beverages

With Millennials leading the demand and the big guns of the likes of Starbucks and Pepsi Co pathing the supply chain with countless, fancy creations such as cold brew coffees, teas and sodas. These new generation drinks are reinventing beverages per se.

With the state-of-the-art nitro infusion equipment by Rotarex Solutions you can now join the Nitro infused experience. Our inline and cutting-edge technology caters for all palates and industries, from domestic to professional use. The Rotarex Nitro infusion range effortlessly meets the needs of the most demanding consumer plates. Innovative, Efficient, Intuitive and Tasty! There is a system tailored to you and your beverage.


A Show, A Journey, A Taste Odyssey!

Our technology creates game-changing drink experience, beverages bring with it a new texture, taste and visual appeal. The result is a sweeter tasting beverage (without the needs of sugar or sweeteners) with a tall and elegant foam topping which recalls the thick and smooth ‘mousse’ best known on cappuccinos (without the needs of using milk).

Nitrogen infusion produces as well milky coats sinking from top to bottom the so-called ‘cascade effect’, famous since Guinness on tap old times, great eye-catcher that surprises customers around it. When served in the right glassware, Rotarex patented inline technology guarantees the best quality crema and longest cascade effects on the market, a hilarious experience not achievable by any other technology nowadays.

Being Nitro Coffee the best well known example: a healthy punch of caffeine full of foam and sweetness; other beverage are now joining the Nitro trend such as: Cocktails on tap, Tea, Stout beers, Chocolate and many more to come.  
For a real Nitro experience at its best, Rotarex high end tech will bring you


The Collection

COLDFUSION powered by BubbleBox

The COLDFUSION nicknamed the Brew Booster, is a compact tabletop dispenser with reduced foot print ideal for small pubs and cafes that can serve exclusive Nitro coffee or tea. Stylish and customizable the unit includes an integrated cooler and pump. Plug & play easy to use and ready in 10minutes, its simplicity and exquisite performance will bring high value to your drinks menu and drive new customers into your bar in a couple of days.

NITRO PRO powered by BubbleBox

The NITRO PRO, is probably the most efficient Nitro infusion box in the world:  space-saving, plug & play, low maintenance, includes Rotarex high end inline technology compatible with kegs or bag in box. Connect it to your Nitro tap and cooler, or kegerator then you are ready to dispense on a big outlet our even a portable installation, Nitro Pro adapts to every install requiring reduced service and installation, with adaptable settings and configurations, it’s definitely the PRO of all Nitro systems.
The NITRO PRO’s needle valve is the ‘star’, as it enables the user to play with the nitro content and profile it to their beverage, mood and taste. Intuitive, individual, maximum efficiency and minimum space.

FUSION powered by BubbleBox

The FUSION is a higher end and robust gas infusion box when compared to Nitro Pro. Its stainless steel housing and the ability to infuse both CO2, mix gas  or N2 will provide you with an unlimited variety of gas-drinks mixtures such as: sparkling water, Nitro cocktails, beers, sparkling wine or juices, stout beers etc.
Equipped with gas or electric pumps, it requires simple connection to your keg or bag in box, your cooler or kegerator and the tap.

New to our range, and one-of-a-kind and dubbed the Infusion Master, it can be used in hard duty providing unlimited flow for demand peaks  mixin any type of gas or mix gas to transform beverages into foaming showstoppers. The needle valve or fixed gas flow restrictor options ensure memorable drinks on tap, pour after pour, recipe for recipe.


About Rotarex Solutions

Rotarex Solutions is the youngest and fastest-growing Business Unit out of 8 owned by Rotarex, our parent company. Nearly a century old, the Rotarex Group is best known for being a world leading manufacturer of gas control equipment and applications, since 1920.

With the inexhaustible drive of an expert R&D team, Rotarex Solutions counts as one of the pioneers for innovative beverage technologies, offering a comprehensive system and accessory collection, including quality valves and flawless pressure reducers. Visit our website to learn more about our  ‘sensational’ product range.

Rotarex Solutions

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