Jul 11, 2022
How Nitro Infusion Beverage Systems can help you differentiate yourself from others?
Learn how nitro gas infusion beverage systems offer a win-win for businesses and customers. Plus, get a look at Rotarex’s line of nitro machines.
Big names in beverage industry have made Nitro drinks popular over the past few years, such as Guinness with their nitro beer, Starbucks with their nitro cold brew coffee, or lately PepsiCo with their first ever nitro cola. We won’t be the first- or last- to say it: trends in the HORECA industries are changing. And big drink producers are among the first to jump, introducing new products like nitro cocktails to consumers eager for something new. As a beverage producer, distributor, or bar owner, offering nitrogen infused drinks help you keep up with the big brands and stand out with unique beverage creations.
How Nitro Infusion Beverage Systems can help you differentiate yourself from others?

Creating a Forever Memorable Drink Experience

Your customer will notice the difference, from creation to taste, each time they order a regular drink next to a nitro-infused pick-me-up. The latter gives a certain wow factor that simply isn’t common (yet) in the drinks industry. Nitro drinks make you feel you just had a mind-blowing experience worth talking about.

The creamy foam

Nitrogen helps you create a thick and creamy foam head. The shiny and foamy head is a significant part of what makes nitro drinks so irresistible. Traditional drinks featuring a mousse layer are made with egg whites or milk, which leaves vegans and vegetarians out of the equation. Offering vegan options attracts a more diverse crowd, appeals to varying tastes, and provides an inclusive drink option for cocktail or coffee lovers. Guests will appreciate the new textures that don’t rely on animal products.

The sweeter taste & smooth texture

Like aerating wine, infusing beverages with nitrogen enhances its flavor profile and creates a sweeter, new aroma feeling. The need for added sugar or sweeteners is reduced, as the gas naturally exerts a sweet flavor. Plus, your drinks take on a refreshing velvety smoothness that's truly distinct, memorable and delectable. Consumers will love the elevated taste and silky texture of their Espresso martini, Pink Gin or whatever new cocktail creation.

The unique visual effect

How many times have you visited a bar or restaurant, ordered a drink, and felt genuinely impressed when the server sat your drink on the table? Consumers desire those memorable moments, especially when it comes to presentation. Since nitrogen is a gas, it creates a cascade visual effect that draws the eye. Nitro delivers hypnotic, cascading bubbles that add flair to an otherwise basic cocktail.

From presentation to experience, aroma, flavor, mouthfeel, Nitrogen simply triggers a lot of emotions!


Endless possibilities served in matter of seconds from the tap

There is something for every taste!

We are only at the beginning of the nitro drink era! Any drink looks fresher, creamier, tastier, sexier with Nitrogen. Cold brew coffee has already made its mark. Young generations love it. With zero sugar, nitro coffee has a full-bodied flavor without the acidic bite of traditional iced coffee. Powerful, it gives a double kick compared to standard coffee.

Nitro cocktails are slowly but surely appearing on the market. Nitro beer is also on the menu in some bars and restaurants. But have you ever tried tea, juice, wine or kombucha infused with nitrogen? Nitro infusion machines offer you the possibility to explore new recipes and precisely adjust the level of gas infused into the drink.

Ultimately, all of the above leave your business attracting new customers who crave new drink experiences. Purposeful innovation differentiates your business from others.

Quality, speed & consistency

One of the most interesting benefits of nitro beverage systems is how the product is served. Beverages can now come in boxes, kegs or concentrates and they can be drawn directly from the tap like a beer. Bars and cafes alike can benefit from having finished drinks on tap for quick serving time (less than 10 seconds).

Which brings us to the second benefit: speed. All it takes to make the drink is a pull of a lever (any garnishes beyond that are optional). Any bartender, barista, or server will be able to serve customers in a fraction of the time, speeding up service times and boosting employee productivity as a result.

Such simplicity leads to higher consistency in taste and appearance- the third benefit of nitro infusion. The drink will always have the same flavor from one server to another, and there is no need for a professional cocktail barmaid or barista.


Meet the Entire Line of Rotarex Nitro Infusion Machines

Rotarex systems are easy to use and take up minimal space. Choose from turnkey solutions, such as the Bubblebox Coldfusion (tabletop), or quickly-installed systems that go under the counter, such as Bubblebox Nitro or Bubblebox Fusion.

With Rotarex inline gas infusion systems, you can fine-tune the amount of nitrogen injected into each drink, as well as customize our machines with your logo.


Bubblebox Coldfusion (Nitrogen infusion)

Discover our inline and on-demand nitro tabletop dispenser. The Bubblebox Coldfusion system is perfect for your space-conscious café, bar, or restaurant. Beyond cocktails, it allows you to create exciting nitrogen-infused tea, coffee, and beer.

Connect it to any external gas source or air compressor, customize the handle or machine cover, and simply plug-and-play straight out of the box. A few other notable features include:

  • Integrated cooler
  • Stainless steel design
  • Adjustable foam
  • Tap chilled drinks with or without gas
  • High Nitrogen content and long cascade effect


Bubblebox Nitro Pro (Nitrogen)

Turn any kegerator into a dispenser for nitro-infused beverages with our Bubblebox Nitro Pro system. All you have to do is install it into your existing kegerator, connect it to your keg, tap it, and enjoy. Customers will enjoy chilled, frothy, creamy beverages on every pour.

Beyond cocktails, it allows you to create exciting nitrogen-infused tea, coffee, and beer. A few other notable features include:

  • No electricity needed
  • Compact with quick Plug&Play installation
  • Adjustable foam and nitro content
  • Works with pressurized kegs and bag-in-boxes
  • High Nitrogen content and long cascade effect


Bubblebox Fusion (Carbonation & Nitrogen infusion)

Create craft cocktails and fizzing concoctions with the same machine. Our Bubblebox Fusion inline system can infuse CO2, N2, or mix gas into liquids. This allows you to easily switch between serving carbonated water to a silky nitro-Manhattan with ease and speed.

Examples of drinks you can create with our Bubblebox Fusion machine include nitro coffee or tea, IPA beer, cocktails, sparkling wine, water, or juice. A few other notable features include:

  • Undercounter or backroom installation
  • Compatible with all gas cylinders
  • Adjustable foam and sparkling content
  • Ideal for bars, pubs, and restaurants
  • Plug and play – connect to any dispensing tower



The world of nitro drinks has not finished surprising you. The possibilities are endless. Think outside of the box and push the boundaries of your current menu. What nitro-concoction might pull in more customers? What might draw a crowd or ignite a social media craze?

In time, we expect to see gas infusion systems used not only in nitro cocktails but also in nitro teas, nitro wines, and nitro kombuchas.

If you are interested in providing nitro drinks to your customers, please contact us to find out more information. We have a solution for all beverage gas infusion systems.

Mélissa Cromer
Mélissa Cromer
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