rotarex inline carbonation technology

Rotarex inline carbonator

Rotarex inline carbonation system is a compact and unique patented technology which provides unlimited flow of high carbonated water on demand.
Proven in the field, we are serving our customers across the world every day with a different & delicate fizzy water taste full of tiny pearled bubbles.

  • Mechanical performance, no electronics
  • NSF certified
  • Self cleaning
  • On demand
  • Long lasting bubbles
  • Smallest in the world
  • Optimal taste
  • Works on any position

After years of development, we are proud to present the new generation of our inline carbonator, to achieve the best carbonation results on the market.

Thanks to the vortex effect, we managed to perfectly balance the mixture between the liquid and the gas, giving any beverage long lasting bubbles.

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Unlimited possibilities of drinks are offered thanks to the world’s smallest inline carbonator.

No matter what type of drinks you are looking for, whether it’s based on water, beer, juice or cocktails, our carbonator is as versatile as it can be.

Easy mountable in even the tightest spaces, our compact carbonator is the perfect match for any type of beverage dispensers aspiring to achieve the best results.

Whatever the space available, our new carbonator fits perfectly in any position, making it the ideal ally for all beverage dispensers.

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