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The BubbleBox

We are proud patent holders of the smallest inline carbonation technology in the world! Fizz from the Tap, suitable for domestic and professional use. Wholesome carbonated water from the kitchen faucet!

  • Low to medium carbonation - Bubble finesse and elegance
  • Easy & hassle-free installation
  • Energy-efficient, no electricity required
  • Compact Design, invisible Bubble Maker
  • Eco-friendly - plastic water bottle banishment

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BubbleBox kit Product image Product image
One unit for all tastes
soda water from tap
  • Easy adjustment of the level of carbonation to your preferred taste.
  • Change the setting from low to medium carbonation.
  • Adjust from medium to light fizzy water in seconds.
1 Cylinder - 60L of Water
  • The CO2 refillable cylinder can deliver up to 60 liters of sparkling water and is available in most supermarkets.
  • Once empty, this cylinder can easily be replaced by a new one.
One unit for all tastes
Say no to plastic
Say no to plastic
  • Save time, costs and environment! No need to carry around big, heavy packs of sparkling water bottles anymore.
  • Just fill up your bottle or glass, enjoy fresh sparkling water and save on space and plastic waste.
The Carbonator - Heart of the BubbleBox
Our highly innovative and reliable carbonator is the smallest inline carbonation system in the world and works with the extremely efficient Vortex mechanism.
The Carbonator - Heart of the BubbleBox
BubbleBox Installation Video
Frame Dimensions (WxDxH)173x172x75 mm
Frame Dimensions with CO₂ cylinder173x460x75 mm
Net Weight1 kg
Temperature Parameters0°C - 45°C
MaterialPlastic, Stainless Steel, EPDM
Inlet Water PressureMin 2 bar, Max 5 bar
Performance60L of CO2 water/bottle
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    Last update: Feb 16, 2022
    Available in: en
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